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Heating water and space using Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) is the growing equipment wanted in new builds for their electrical efficiency in thermal efficient buildings. We now have products which can cool and heat water as well as air. Did you know ASHP’s are extremely effective and efficient when used for heating large or small areas. The installation is quick and space required is kept to a minimum.

Being in the UK living to its weather and climate, finding a convenient and efficient heating source supported by the government with the added ability to cool is a winning combination. On the other hand typical central heating systems remain the consumers competitive and popular choice. ASHP is a new technology many do not understand or trust for the simple reasons it has not been around as long as Boilers. Many existing and new buildings will still use central heating systems as all new combination boilers are now supplied Hydrogen ready for the change-over of reducing carbon footprint.

Heat pumps are in fact now one of the few technologies that comply with the regulation's efficiency requirements for A+++ class ratings, which were introduced in 2019. From 2015 the least efficient heat pump products were banned from the market along with many heat pump refrigerants banned already due to their high GWP (global warming potential).

Celcius provides plumbing services for everything up to the boiler and will soon be providing Gas Safe works for boilers. We already carry out the following:

Thermal power flushing for existing or new systems. This ensures your systems services and radiators are clean and ready for the new boiler. It can also improve the operational efficiency of an existing boiler by preventing heat exchanger blockages and cold spots on your system for a cozy home and saving pennies at the same time. We also provide installation, maintenance, commissioning, decommissioning and test components of the system in the event of a breakdown.

Please get in touch with celcius today if you require heating plumbing services in Southampton, a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

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